Meet Our Team

Kelly Dowdall-Garberson

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Kelly Dowdall-Garberson, the owner and founder of AAVS, is originally from Detroit, Michigan. She actually attended high school in both China and South Korea before moving to Florida for her undergraduate studies. Dr. Kelly graduated from Eckerd College with degrees in biochemistry, Spanish and biology. She then earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from North Carolina State University in 2011, one of the most top-ranked vet schools in the country.

After completing vet school, she followed her husband (active duty Army officer) to Olympia, WA, where she practiced small animal medicine. “Life happened” (as it often does) and Dr. Kelly moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand for 3-years, where she worked for the U.S. Department of State working in management and public health. During her time in Thailand, Dr. Kelly earned her Master’s of Public Health as well as her Master’s of Science in Education degrees. She was nominated for several national volunteer awards for her work creating a women’s development project, as well devising a Congressionally funded project to improve air quality and respiratory health in northern Thailand.

After her time in Thailand, Dr. Kelly and her family moved back to Olympia, WA where she worked as a public health veterinarian with the USDA for 2 years. In 2017, Dr. Kelly and her family moved to paradise- HAWAII. Dr. Kelly worked as the Chief Veterinarian at the Hawaiian Humane Society for 7 months, which was followed by several months of relief veterinary work around Oahu. After seeing the need for low-cost veterinary care in Oahu, she founded AAVS in August, 2018, proudly partnering with animal rescue and welfare groups on Oahu.

Dr. Kelly has 5 children (all from Ethiopia), 3 dogs, and often at least 1 foster dog. She loves pink, pigs and ice cream, and her favorite past time is spending time with her lively, fun-loving family. She’s passionate about travel and has been to over 50 countries on 6 continents, and has lived in 7 countries.

She is an Army spouse and loves working alongside other military spouses and families. She hopes her work helps to redefine the mindset and stereotypes of who military spouses are, and what they are capable of! She is also very connected to the adoption community, and is an advocate for family preservation, women’s empowerment and education. She is passionate about older child adoption as well. Dr. Kelly remains closely connected to China, South Korea, Thailand and Ethiopia.

In the future, Dr. Kelly plans to start the Mission Aloha Foundation, a non-profit that will promote one health (veterinary medicine, human and environmental health) in Hawaii and around the globe.

She loves working with a wide variety of people, and is fascinated by different cultures (she has spent 20% of her life living abroad). Dr. Kelly and her family love living on Oahu and consider Hawaii home.

Dr. Kelly believes veterinary medicine is a tool to be utilized to improve the lives of people and animals. There’s no doubt this is her passion and we can’t wait to see where AAVS grows!

Leslie Kaleikau


Dr. Kaleikau has been a veterinarian with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since December of 2019.

She grew up in Maryland and graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Animal Sciences in 2008. She then gained experience as a veterinary technician at a practice in Washington DC for 4 years before heading off to vet school at Ross University in St. Kitts. She graduated in 2016 and practiced alongside wonderful vets and techs in Maryland for 4 years. The draw to return to the island life and being close to family brought her to Oahu in December 2019. She’s grateful for the opportunity to advocate for an animal’s health and well-being and empowering pet families to give their pets the best care they can.

Her favorite aspect of this profession is the ability to continuously learn and teach. She learns new things from other vets, technicians, and owners daily and enjoys teaching as well. She is thrilled to have joined such a supportive community at AAVS.

Dr. Kaleikau’s special interests include soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, preventive medicine, and pain management. She trained in veterinary acupuncture throughout 2018-2019 and is a certified veterinary acupuncturist for many species, including dogs, cats, horses, and others.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time ourdoors, exploring the island with her husband Anthony and their beloved Caribbean mutt, Oscar.

Dion Regelson


Dr Dion Regelson grew up on a Dairy Farm with Guernsey’s and Jersey’s, horses, chickens, sheep and pigs, so he had decided at an early age that he wanted to work with animals.  He was born in Berkeley, CA. He attended an undergraduate study at the University of Wyoming, earned an MS in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics from CSU Channel Islands and went on to Veterinary School in Ft. Collins, CO.

His Special Skills include Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma), Dentistry, Orthopedic and Airway (Brachycephalic) Surgery. He has also written for the USDA. Regarding Safety and Efficacy Trials for Snake Bites. He particularly enjoys medicine and surgery, especially surgery that makes it easier for Pugs to breathe.

When pets experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is possible that their lives will unravel. Dr. Regelson’s great passion is bringing healing to animals who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience. He helps his patients live life without pain or disease.

He knows that no single approach is right for every individual, and so he has been trained in a range of modalities including, medicine, surgery, Regenerative medicine, arthritis and pain management.

When Dr. Regelson is not working he can be found spend time with his dog and two cats, hiking, yoga, watching movies, or snorkeling.

Dr. Seward


Bio coming soon!


Registered Veterinary Technician

Laura has been a registered veterinary technician at Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since July of 2019.

After graduating high school in Central Arkansas, she planned on majoring in Zoology. She wanted to work in Wildlife Conservation; however, she chose my second love and received a degree in Digital Media and Design from Arkansas State University. Laura was ambitious in her graphic design career, though there was still a void in her life. She yearned for her childhood dream of working with animals. After moving to Hawaii in 2016, she decided she needed to fill that void and she obtained a degree in Veterinary Technology from Windward Community College – University of Hawaii. Shortly after graduation, she passed her boards and became a Registered Technician.

Laura has always had a love for animals. She grew up with a Cocker Spaniel and bunny rabbits. She also have a fondness for the tiny furry rodents. She cared for the rambunctious rats in my sixth-grade science class and she’s had pet rats ever since.

Her favorite things about working with animals is the joy they bring her every day. Nursing a sick animal back to health and seeing tears of joy in the owners faces, or puppy cuddles when you’re having a bad day! There’s so much love in the veterinary field.

She knows she’s in the right profession, because when she wakes up the first thing on her mind is that she’s excited to go to work (and coffee!). It hardly feels like work when your co-workers are best friends, animals bring you joy, and the job challenges you to be the best version of yourself. The days fly by, you feel appreciated with your clients, you get excited to learn new things! This is her happy place.

Living in Hawaii means that when you’re not at work you’re enjoying paradise. Her weekends are filled with smiley faces, sunshine, and SUPing. She enjoys spending time with her dog, Samson, on the beach or being lazy on the couch! Laughing with friends while playing games and trying out new restaurants and breweries are just a few of her favorite things. In short, she lives to laugh!


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Stephanie has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since August of 2019.

She grew up in New Jersey where she went to college for Veterinary Technology. After graduating, she moved to Texas where she took her VTNE and LVTE exams and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Stephanie moved to Hawaii because her husband is in the Army and was stationed in Hawaii last year.

Stephanie began working in the veterinary industry shortly after graduating high school. For as long as she can remember, she has wanted to work with animals. She always had pets growing up and they were always a huge part of her life. Her favorite part of working with animals is assisting in surgery and cuddling little puppies when they come in.

She doesn’t have a specific time where she knew she was in the right profession, but everyday she is reminded that this was the right choice for her when she see’s the effect they have on pets and clients.

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, playing video games, and spending time with her family and 2 dogs. She has a 2 y.o. Australian Shepherd and 2 y.o. mixed breed pup.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Louise has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since November of 2018.

She graduated vet school in 1012 and worked at a clinic in Michigan for 5 years before moving to Hawaii with her husband. Ever since she was 5 years old, she knew she wanted to help animals and work in the veterinary field. Her favorite thing is when she gets to see and help/treat a sick/wounded animal and then watch them turn around and become healthy again!

Louise is the proud owner of 2 horses, 4 dogs and a few cats. She and her husband love their mini “zoo” they have adopted!


Veterinary Assistant

Alexis has been with Aloha Affordable Vet Services for several months now. She used to work at a 24 hour pet hospital as a kennel assistant and at an animal shelter as a veterinary assistant.

Born and raised in Oahu, she started working in the veterinary industry because she always knew that she wanted to work with animals and it was a way for her to gain experience and to learn if this was the field she really wanted to be in. Animals are unpredictable, so there is always something new for her to learn everyday or a crazy store to tell when she goes home.

In her free time, Alexis loves to spent time with her pets and fishing. She has a dog, a bird, a rabbit and a potbelly pig. Her favorite places to fish are Kaena Point and Kanoehe. She likes shore fishing as well as boat fishing. When she’s not doing either of those things, she’s most likely watching a sci-fi movie.


Veterinary Assistant

Vanessa moved to Oahu from Los Angeles. She originally came from a Law Enforcement background, but decided that she wanted to explore a new career option, which is what brought her to Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services.

She has always had a love for animals. My passion has been for rescue and hepling animals in need. She loves that she is works at a place that is capable of of helping animals and people in so many ways. She knew that this was the right career for her when she saw Dr. Kelly in action for the first time,

While not at work, Vanessa spends extra time with her family and friends as well as taking time to explore the island. She also takes care of foster animals.


Veterinary Assistant

Stephanie has been with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since the end of December.

She absolutely loves helping animals as much as she can. She loves knowing she is helping the community as well as the animals. The positive outcomes are greatly encouraging. She has been volunteering for nonprofit organizations with fostering animals, as well as volunteering at spay and neuter clinic on the weekends.

She’s always had a big heart for animals but didn’t imagine herself as working in the field. Once she began volunteering and helping out she fell head over heels for working in the veterinarian field. She is in love with her job and is very excited about going to work every day.

When she’s not at work, she tutors children with learning disabilities and is constantly volunteering at spay and neuter clinics or doing trap and releasing of feral cats. She also loves taking her own dogs on hikes.


Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Hawaii, Nadia has been with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since August of 2019. She is currently a student at WCC and is working on getting her Veterinary Technician credentials.

When she’s not at work, she’s usually found at the beach.


Veterinary Assistant

Laura has been with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since August of 2018.

She moved here with her family in 2017 and got involved with Paws of Hawaii. Doing outreach with Paws alongside the amazing Dr. Kelly, she got to see her passion for working with animals first hand, my desire to learn and help people and animals alike! She’s loved animals all her life. She’s had pets, done pet sitting and worked at a horse camp in Washington. When she moved to Hawaii, she started fostering for Paws of Hawaii and became an active member, it had been a huge blessing plus an opportunity to grow and really find her focus working with Gods creatures big and small.

Laura knew she was in the right profession when she held her first newborn pup after helping momma dog deliver. She knew than she wanted to help the fur babies that cannot protect themselves!

She is a military wife with 2 sons. They’ve moved a few time so far but Hawaii is definitely their home away from home. She dabbles in all things artistic on the side but her favorite hobby is photography. She likes to show others the beautiful things in life that we take for granted sometimes or miss when we are too busy with day to day life. It helps her slow down and appreciate things.


Veterinary Assistant

Caroline has been a veterinary assistant with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since November of 2019. She is originally from Georgia and moved to Oahu after getting married.

She knew she was in the right profession after her first patient that she was mainly in charge of nursing back to health. Seeing an animal go from not trusting anyone and being in very poor health to jumping off the walls and being excited to see you is one of the most rewarding feelings.

Caroline has two fur kids, Carter the Cat and Roland the beagle-mix.


Veterinary Assistant

Courtney was born in Philadelphia PA. Her father was in the army so they moved around quite a bit while she grew up and they retired in Washington State. She moved to Hawaii 18 years ago.

Courtney has always had an affinity for animals throughout her life. She had a few pets growing up and then was lucky enough to work with Marine Mammals for 15 years. After that chapter, she was drawn to help and work with different animals. She is an animal magnet and seem to always come across one who needs extra love and care. Her favorite thing about working with animals is how much she learns from them.

She knew she was in the right profession because no matter where she ends up, animals are always the common thread in her life. She finds it so fulfilling to help animals and give them the unconditional love they deserve.

Her family consists of her husband, 3 cats and her dog. All of her fur babies are rescued and spoiled! In their free time they go hiking, take beach walks, travel when possible,bike, tackle home projects, do yoga and explore by cooking fun recipes. She hopes to be able to gather as much experience in her life to help as many people and animals as she can and love every step of the journey!


Veterinary Assistant

Herbert has been a veterinary assistant at Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since December of 2019.

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu in the small town of Hau’ula. Herbert graduated from Kahuku High School in 1982. He went to school in August of 98 to become a Veterinary Assistant at a vocational institute and spent roughly 21 years in the Veterinary field; half in emergency, 3yrs in shelter medicine and the rest in day practice. He applied at just about every Veterinary related business on the island and was getting frustrated with the constant rejection… Until Dec. 2019 when he applied and got hired by the most phenomenal boss, working alongside a staff whose main goal is to provide the best Veterinary care and service at a very affordable price. He is proud to a part of this awesome and necessary movement in Veterinary care and eagerly look forward to what the future brings to this practice and trail it will blaze for our chosen profession.

Herbert’s outside life is pretty boring if not for his recent adoption if a 3yr old , brindle female PitBull named “HoneyGirl”. He likes to play video games on Xbox, mostly shooters. His HoneyGirl keeps him active by taking him on walks on the beach, insisting actually, and enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Also has the added affect of strengthening our bond to one another.


Client Service Manager

Crystal has been a client service manager with Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services since April of 2019. She attended college in Irvine, CA and studied animal science while working in various animal hospitals throughout Southern CA. She moved to Oahu in March 2016.

She think its important to treat pets like our own because they’re apart of families who deserve love and the best care. Crystal has loved animals ever since she was a child visiting pet stores, petting zoos and aquariums. She became interested in working in customer service after obtaining a position at the local animal hospital where she grew up.

When she’s out of the office, she enjoys surfing, hiking, relaxing on the beach, camping, watching movies and hanging out with her better half and two pups, Otter and Dexter.


Customer Service Representative

Whitney began her role as a customer service representative in October of 2019. She is originally from a small town south of New Orleans called Lafitte. 

Originally she wanted to be a writer and went to school as an English/Communications major but after not putting her degree to much use her husband encouraged her to pursue her first love and work with animals. That’s where Aloha Affordable came in, she has always considered the clinic to have been such a blessing to work for, hired as a customer service representative, she watched as the Doctors and staff cared for countless animals and saw them do it with so much passion and commitment each time. This inspired her to go back to school and now she’s in a Veterinarian Technician program.

Her family consists of her husband who she has been with for 10+ years, and two children. She also has a Dachshund and three cats.

When she’s not at the clinic, she enjoys being with family, reading and exploring new places. She collects anything Disney and Harry Potter related, and loved records on vinyl. Her favorite motto is “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help others.”.