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At Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services, we strive to keep our pricing budget friendly.  Despite our affordable pricing, we still provide high-quality veterinary medical care.  We are transparent in our pricing, and provide estimates for care.  We are also creative in our services to find a treatment plan that will work within your budget as much as possible.   Our prices for routine services are below.  For additional pricing for services, please give us a call and one of our friendly staff members can assist you further!

         Veterinarian Exam: $35.00  Walk-In Service $50.00

         Vaccinations: $20.00/vaccine   (includes DAPP, DAPP-L, FVRCP, Bordetella and Rabies)

         Microchips: $10.00

         Health Certificates (includes letter of acclimation): $20.00

         In-house Diagnostic Testing (per a test): $25.00    (includes Heartworm testing, fecal screening, ear/skin cytology,  and FeLV/FIV)

                                                                                       $40.00    (Giardia Testing)

                                                                                       $40.00    (Parvo Testing) 

        Add-on Services:  $10.00  each   (includes nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression)

        Sterilization Surgeries (Includes Fix and Microchip): 

                      Dog Spay: $150.00                      Dog Neuter: $125.00

                      Cat Spay: $60.00                         Cat Neuter: $50.00

       Dental Prophy/Cleaning  (dental extractions, take-home pain medications and antibiotics are additional- estimates will be provided)

                     Full Cleaning:  $300.00+ (Pre-Exam required)

                     Non-Anesthetic Dental Assessment and Cleaning: $150

                    Add-on to another surgical procedure (veterinarian approval required): $150.00

      Other surgical procedures, including cherry eye and entropian repair, stenotic nares, mass removal and enucleation begin at $300.00 

      Orthopedic surgeries, including limb amputations, and abdominal surgeries begin at $500.00  *Estimates will be provided by a veterinarian*

Preventative Medication for Dogs

        Heartworm Prevention: $10.00/month or $100.00 for 12 months (Interceptor Plus for dogs)

        Flea/tick Prevention: $20.00/month or $200 for 12 months (Includes Credelio and Bravecto)

Preventative Medication for Cats

        Revolution: $20.00/month or $200.00 for 12 months


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